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Best Sites to Watch Movies Online for free

Just as we all nostalgically long for the days we patronized local video shops and encouraged independent neighbourhood theaters, one of the really cool thing about the age of the world wide web needs to be watching movies online, without needing to leave the home or depositing a cent.

Best Sites to Watch Movies Online for free

Because we, in the NFB, feel confident you’d never leave us for another streaming website (I mean, how can you), we decided to put together and discuss with you a list of destinations for watching movies online. All websites in the following list are free; just one needs you become a member. Watch out friends, and by all means don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you see I’ve seen a landmark. The internet being the monster we know, it’s highly possible I have.

This website, now in beta is in my view a much better general/Hollywood movie website than veoh and OVGuide, where all I ever find is trailers or movie clips. Here you can watch complete movies at no cost. I repeat, full movies for free.

MUBI is”an online movie theater in which you see, find, and discuss auteur cinema”. Instead of other websites on this list, it requires you become a member before you see movies, but after you do, whoa, it’s like Ali Baba’s Cave in there. If you end up wondering what type of stuff they have, recall it was founded by a group of friends asking themselves”Why can not you see In the Mood for Love at a cafĂ© in Tokyo in your notebook?” And”Why is it so tough to meet people who share the same love for Antonioni?” Interesting fact: Scorsese’s a member.

SnagFilms is a nice blue and gray platform offering a great deal of movie to watch for free. By documentaries about Biggie and Tupac into the Secret Life of Cats, there is a lot to choose from. The majority of the content is available to everybody, some of it is limited to the United States.

Internet Archive — Transferring Pictures

Don’t allow the 1997-era web graphics fool you, this website is really a eldorado. The Moving Pictures arm (how retro) of this venerable Web Archive, this website is a library containing”thousands of digital pictures uploaded by Archive users that vary from classic full-length movies, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to animations and concerts.” Lots of the videos are available for free download. To assist you navigate the goods, the website is split into sub-collections; you might also have a look at their site , which lists fascinating titles by subject, such as Little Known Classics You will need To Watch! , or, maybe more interestingly, Black History Month and Famous Banjos. Dig in.

Basically a very neat choice (420 movies ) of awesomeness that you watch at no cost. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling these categories: Comedy & Drama, Film Noir, Horror & Hitchcock, Westerns & John Wayne, Silent Movies, Documentaries and Animation.

This is a little more of a specialization destination. Catering to your inner cowboy, this website is a”A National Preserve or Documentary Films About American Roots Cultures”, which in essence means a good deal of down-south rodeo stuff and Navajo documentaries. Cowgirls: Portraits of American Ranch Women, anybody?

For your internal doc-watching politico, everything from Guantanmo, to tobacco companies, to dear lord, we actually are ruining the planet, are not we?

Films Found Online

1 thing I discovered putting this list together was that a good deal of websites that say they provide free streaming really just embed videos from all over the web (Youtube, Google Videos, etc.). Initially I thought that was somewhat lame, but then I remember how much I despise trying to locate anything on Youtube and just how valuable my life on this earth is, and I thought, hey you know what? These websites are pretty cool! Let them do the job!

Additionally to the so aptly called, here is a choice of sites which curate free online videos located elsewhere. They’re all sort of the same, but also all sort of different.

So that is pretty much it, folks. Happy viewing, and do not be afraid to comment below if you’ve got a favourite site you want to share.

Updated on May 21, 2013:

Since publishing this article, we’ve gotten a few suggestions of additional websites featuring free content. One such site is just another Canadian initiative called According to their About page, they are”dedicated to finding you free, full size documentaries lovingly selected from around the internet. The main objective of this site is to share knowledge, spread ideas, and have fun.”

Know of any other sites we could add to this list? Please leave the name of the website with a URL in the comment section below.